Its not All Right

-Because my job goes part time next week

-Because I have nothing lined up to replace it (I thought it would go through early August!)

-Because the plans I’m hoping to make are scary and overwhelming

-Because our wedding rental bill went from $250 to $650 this week

-Because I’m watching Say Yes to The Dress and I’m worried about (fitting, tailoring, bra, shoe) costs added to my gown.

-Because it’s all a bit too expensive (even on a budget)

-Because I’m not skinny, and I wont be on my wedding day, and some days that bugs me a lot.

-Because I am lacking confidence in almost everything I’m doing these days.

And in general because I started my period, read a book about a rape victim, and had to pass up cupcakes ALL IN ONE DAY!


2 thoughts on “Its not All Right

  1. Look how far you have came with your weight loss! Would you want to be a bride the way you used to look like? Cherish how far you have came and how you look now. Don’t be so harsh on yourself!

  2. You are on the right track, and I know that when the day comes, you will feel AND look beautiful! P.S. If I were reading a book like that, I would have to eat a cupcake after.

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