Plus What?

I hate the word “Plus Size” almost as much as I hate “Full figured” “curvy” or “Big girl” gag. These are stupid terms that I hate. I’m actually fine with XXL-XXXXL to describe a size, don’t try to cute it up by saying “Voluptuous” gross.  In my life I have shopped for a lot of “Plus Size” clothing, lots. Its one of the most unpleasant things about not being thin, the clothing. On top of that, I SWEAR I have a body shaped like NO ONE ELSE. Well maybe my mom, she is pretty much shaped just like me (not my sister though). First thing is whenever I see “Plus Size” models, they ALWAYS have thin arms and legs, always. This is so they can make them seem sexier by putting them in some super short tent dress. “LOOK, WE COVERED HER FAT MIDDLE AND CHECK OUT THOSE GAMS!”

I do not (really) have a fat middle. In fact based on my measurements and proportion, my waste is the smallest part of my body. My WASTE is a size 14. HOWEVER I have the hips, thighs, shoulders and arms of a LINEBACKER….


I don’t even have to wear those pads to make my thighs that big.  Skinny jeans for instance are EVERYWHERE! They encourage fat and skinny girls alike to rock those denim leggings! I however could NEVER wear skinny jeans, ever. My legs look like sausage casings, and its AWFUL. See here is what a “Plus Size” girl is supposed to look like in skinny jeans, and me in skinny jeans…

Ha! See the difference? See my calves trying to burst through those jeans. See the bunching around the knees, the only place where that poor denim can even breathe! That’s not cute! Give me a wide leg trouser STAT!

Also my arms, they are only slightly smaller around than my thighs. My arms also took quite the beating deflating when I lost a bunch of weight. They are ugly from every angle. They sag and bunch and buldge. I like them best in a 3/4 length shirt, its absolutely the most flattering. I have actually perfected the art of taking photos that reduce my arms size by at least 40% I almost feel bad that I have deceived you all into thinking I DIDNT have world largest arms, but I do. Oooh! Here I’ll show you a  few precious “arm” gems!

This photo captures the elbow fat quite nicely!

Good LORD! I dont even know why I'm showing these to you. Here are my beast arms at work on our patio.

This was a few weeks ago when I was stung by a bee. THANKS bee for making my fat arm even fatter!

Mr. Gaunt always catches my "best" features in photos...gag.

So as you can see, I had a good reason for needing a little caplet/cardigan/sleeve with my wedding dress. Most of the time though I do still rock a tshirt or tanktop (and an occasional strapless dress) because who really cares but me. But I do care, and its a never ending struggle in my life, these fat arms of mine.

These are photos of a wedding dress that I actually considered for a minute. I thought it did nice things for my waist. In the end I couldn’t look past the arms/shoulders so I went with a non-strapless dress.

So yeah, this body has its challenges. Not that other bodies don’t, but sometime I think people think that I have a “Skinny” Fat body (mostly due to my smaller waste) but that just isn’t true.

However there is a point to this blog other than pointing out all my flaws…lol! The point is that there are some AMAZINGLY cute plus size clothing out there (if your rich and don’t mid purchasing online) kidding…no…not really. Here are some websites that seem awesome:




-Swak Designs




2 thoughts on “Plus What?

  1. I came across your blog a while back and keep coming back because you are such an insperation and I love seeing your wedding come together.

    I just wanted to write and say that we all have our freakout moments. Everyone has concerns and body parts they hate.I know exactly what you mean about skinny jeans and thick thighs. I have actually considered getting implants so that I can balance out my hips (hangs head in shame). I have the same issue with the tiny waste and huge thighs, so all my jeans are tight everywhere but the waste 😦 fail.

    Anyways, what I’m saying is that you have come such a long way. You are absolutely beautiful and are going to look amazing on your wedding day. I love the fact that you are taking the healthy approach to your change and aren’t resorting to extremes just to be thin for the wedding. No matter what size your dress is on the big day, it will be amazing and you will look fantastic.

    I hope you have a great week, breath and remember to smile! 🙂

  2. I feel like you and I have the exact same body. Thinner waist while struggling with every other part. It’s nice to have someone to relate to.
    Picking out a wedding dress, or any cloths really, was a struggle and I’m still nervous I will not look good in it the day of.
    Thank you for your post. Live long and prosper.:)

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