The Ramble List

We made Freezer Jam this morning!

Well first we did 2.6 miles (ran 1 of it) to Haggen Grocery to get some supplies, THEN we made Freezer Jam.

I’m pretty stoked, except I don’t eat bread soooo…Ill have to just put it in my Greek Yogurt in the mornings.

I cant wait to get paid on Friday, I NEED to get a pedicure before I go shoe shopping this weekend, and my sister is going to give me some subtle highlights on Friday morning…woop!

The weather kind of sucks. Summer is more than welcome to make an appearance this next week. Although again I will take 65 or 95 any day.

my wardrobe sucks right now. These stupid 20 pounds I need to lose are keeping me from too many cute clothes!

Also my Table Linens for our wedding fell through so now we are going to have to rent them. In case you didn’t know, teats like another $250! Ugg….Its never ending.

Ok I’m off to taste my JAM!!!



One thought on “The Ramble List

  1. Hello! I came across your blog the other week and enjoy checking it daily. I to moved to Washington recently, am trying to loss weight and getting married at the beginning of August (its approaching much too quickly). I deceided to comment today in hopes that you would share your jam recipe. I am looking for a good one without mass amounts of sugar and they are hard to come by. Well good luck with everything!

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