July is in Da House

I’m gangsta, did you not know?

I can’t believe its July already! Where the heck did June go, seriously! I suppose it’s these long work hours and having no life that made June flash by me, not even saying HELLO! No matter. JULY IS HERE, JULY IS HERE!

Weirdly despite my hate for Heat, I LOVE July! Mostly I really love the 4th of July! Not because I’m overtly patriotic, but because it means GOOD TIME FAMILY SUMMER FUN! All of it! The colors, the food, the weather (com’on sunshine!) the fans and flags ans sparklers! Oh it is all so much fun!

July is also our Engagement month! We got married July 10th of last year. I hadn’t originally planned on having such a long engagement, but because we wanted a fall wedding we had to. Well I suppose we could have had a crazy shot engagement, but that’s not how I roll. Anyways I’m hoping Mr. Gaunt and I can sneak off to our engagement spot at midnight on the 9th. It is our last un-married July…sigh. I love July.

I’m going to Old Navy today to see if they have cute 4th of July tees for Mr. Gaunt and I. Its sort of a tradition between my made of honor and I to do these every year, I’m making Mr. Gaunt join in on the fun. These are last years…

July also signals that I have only a little more time to get in shape for the wedding. I definitely did not lose 10 pounds in June. Again my scale is broken, but I know without it. I’m sad, but its ok. However this means I have to work that much harder in July! Alright time to get the boy up and throw on some flip flops because it is JULY!


2 thoughts on “July is in Da House

  1. I love the 4th of July too!! Sadly most of my family is in Alaska this summer so we aren’t gonna get together or blow anything up. Hope we get sunshine and you have a good 4th with your family!!

  2. There is no way this years 4th will be crazier than last year! I don’t even think we are doing anything. I will have to bust out my tank from last year though

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