100 Napkins


So we went ahead and rented 100 Gray cloth napkins from a local wedding rental place Bellingham Event Rentals. I went with Gray over Yellow because I really am trying (although often failing) to just do the mustard colored yellow. All they (and anyone) has to offer is a bright yellow napkin. So Gray it is!

Anyways I want to do a fun napkin ring to spice it up a bit, but we will need 100 of them. I’m hoping to DIY some. Here are a few ideas I’m thinking of.

Adding Gray fabric rings to make them bows?

Alright which do you like best? I’m leaning towards the pom-poms (2nd to last photo) or the little paper fans (3rd to last photo) And better yet, who wants to help me make 100 of them? It will be fun I swear! Invitations are being printed and cut this weekend! This gives us about a month to put them all together and address them. My goal is to mail them the first week in August.



6 thoughts on “100 Napkins

  1. I am not crazy about the paper fans, def like pom poms more. I will help if I can! We have to come up there sometime soon to do cake tasting and reserve stuff at bham event rentals ourselves so we can have a little task party

  2. I really like the twine… it would go perfect with the burlap table runners! Or the pom poms are super cute too!! I’m with Mal, let me know if you need to set up a work party in the near future, I would gladly come slave away for you!!

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