This May be a No Running Week.

Yesterday Mr. Gaunt and I had to go to the DMV to get Washington drivers license. It took and hour and half to do a 3 minute process. There was no time to workout. I have to go back to a different DMV tomorrow to register my car, which I’m sure will take just as long. So no working out tomorrow either. DMVs suck.

Today however I was planning on doing my workout. Its what I promised myself when I started these 60 hour weeks, that I would NOT give u my running. Today it is pouring rain. Not that rain makes it impossible to workout, but it’s not that pleasant either. It makes the sweat run into your eyes, which burns a lot. It also just makes you wanna quit. In Colorado today its 100 degrees, so although the rain makes it hard to run, I’ll take our 65 degrees over there 100 degrees!

So instead my mom is coming to pick me up and we are going to do Deep Water Running! Yay for moms who go to the pool everyday!

Oh and BIG BIG things are happening today at 4pm. So if you remember at 4pm, send good SUCCESSFUL thoughts my way!

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