Our Pink House

When we moved in the house looked a little something like this…


Now it looks a like this…

JUNE 2011

Funny huh.  We did a tiny bit of landscaping too which makes it look a little better. My landlords picked the paint color, and while it’s not anything I would pick, it’s not bad. It’s unique. The doors still needs to be painted (black we think) along with the mailbox. There is also a little bit of trim on the right window that had to be repaired and will be painted later. Other than that I plan on ripping out that big UGLY bush on the right and putting in a white Lilac Tree that my brother gave me. I also think its funny how the tree in the foreground has gotten so lush!

A few other shots of the house


JUNE 2011

In the back you can see where we put in the patio. Also before there was a large dirt bed (on the left) and two circle beds in the middle that we filled using the grass from the patio spot. I’m so pleased with how well the grass took, you cant even see the spots! I would like to re-lay the stones the are to the left of the porch where the hose is. The hose had a really awful leaking problem and it became a mud zone over there. Other than that the walk was edged and things were just cleaned up a bit. Oh and all the gutters were also replaced.


JUNE 2011

MAY 2011

JUNE 2011

JUNE 2011

Tada! Oh the wonders that paint and spring can do for a house! Oh and in case anyone really wants to know, the colors are Benjamin Moore BAKED TERRA COTTA and FRAPE

2 thoughts on “Our Pink House

  1. I think the Baked terra cotta and frape looks fab on that little house! Just found your blog and love your story! You look fabulous after all that hard work and congratulations on your engagement! I Look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. HMMM! When you first said pink I was thinking something atrocious! However, this looks oddly refreshing to me!! I really like the landscaping!! You did a great job!!! I dunno, I like it!!! xo

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