Weigh In Friday!

Aww snap!

I didn’t forget, today is weigh in day. We are weighing in on Fridays, but the last weigh in was on the first, so a little over a week ago.

Alright so Mr Gaunt lost…


And I lost…



Since I was 1 pound heavier than I wanted to be on the first, this still makes me 1.5 pounds heavier than my goal for today. None the less I’m still just shooting to lose 10 pounds in June. So far we are doing so good!  I still need to lose 8 more pounds in 3 weeks, which is slightly more than 2 .5 pounds a week…eek! I’ll be happy with just a solid 2.5 pounds loss this week. Gotta work hard and stay on track!

In Workout news…

We walked around Lake Padden (2.5 miles) with my friend and her boyfriend and THREE crazy little dogs. Its was quite a sight. Yesterday I skipped my strength training, so today I will be doing Thursdays workout x2. Off to work soon, and I got FOUR painting orders that have to get done this weekend…gah! Mildly stressed.



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