Paleo Diet and Lunch

I’m hearing lots around the blog world about the Paleo Diet. I prefer not to restrict myself as I will just fail, but this one does seem healthier than many fad-diets. I might do a bit more research on it soon.

Anyway here is Lunch!

This is pretty much what we eat for lunch all week. Sometimes the Veggies switch up, or the Chicken Sausage becomes Chicken Breast, but basically the same. I like to dip my sausage in Ketchup too…cuz I’m 5 years old.

The veggies we grilled using a BBQ grill platter so we don’t have to mess around with skewers. We just cut em up, toss them in a little olive oil, Balsamic, and seasoning and throw them on there. Easy Peasy.



One thought on “Paleo Diet and Lunch

  1. paleo is basically what ive been doing and i think its awesome, i had an instructor who did it, and recomended it. i kinda fail on the no sugar thing sometimes but meat and veggies AOK with me,

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