I was half way through my first 1/2 mile this morning when out of nowhere a bicyclist crashed into me. We both went down. I scratched my hands and leg, his chain came off. Lame.

After the adrenalin from being hit wore off I was exhausted. We finished the mile jogging, then walked.

We actually took a slightly different way and meandered through the alleys. It really shows what kind of people your neighbors are by looking at the back of their houses.

Afterwards we went to Trader Joe’s for yogurt, granola and jellybeans (duh).

Its gonna be a lazy afternoon.

I can’t wait until the 17th so I can buy a new regular bra and a new sports bra. Poor boobs.

I also got three painting orders this week, which is awesome as there was quite the dry spell for a while. So ill be glued to the computer for the next few days.

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Omg, when we lived on the westside I was running in our neighborhood once and I totally biffed it on an uneven bit of sidewalk. I fully did a somersault and yelled “oh fuck!” Then once i stopped rilling this old lady ran over to check on me. I acted all fine and kept running for a minute, then realized my leg really hurt and I had some serious road rash on my hip. Fail. Oh and I looked really stupid.

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