New Week and Work To Do

Well our weekend was really busy. We got a lot of things done, and did a lot of fun things in town. However foodwise there were slip ups. Not huge ones, but we really didn’t eat a real dinner ever. I actually had popcorn for dinner on Friday and Saturday! I realized this morning that I’m out of yogurt, which means I MUST go get some. Breakfast is the only meal I’m good at.

We also did manage to walk around a lot, but with the weather being so warm and me having a sunburn, its been slow walking. Mr. Gaunt mentioned last night that he would like to really push ourselves this morning and run as long as we can. We also didnt do any strength training this weekend, so we need to get right back into that with Mondays Workout  and 50-100 crunches.

Last night we after a mild meltdown Mr. Gaunt and I went to the public pool and swam for 45 minutes. he even talked me into going down the waterslide a few times. Which is fun, when there is no line or crowd. It’s half price if you go after 5:15 so its was only $5 for the both of us to go swimming. It’s no here near as fun as the outdoor pools in Colorado, but still a good time.

Alright so we are motivated and strong and we are going to lose weight this week!!!!!!!!

I leave you with a few pictures from yesterdays Highland Games


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