The Night Before

Tomorrow is June 1st. I had big hopes to have lost 15 pounds by then. To keep on track for my overall wedding weight loss I REALLY needed to hit 15 pounds loss by tomorrow. Last Friday after a rather unsightly “I’m ugly” Breakdown Mr. Gaunt took my scale and hid it. The first day without it I definitely felt panicked. WHAT DID I WEIGH! WAS I GAINING WEIGHT AS WE SPEAK?! However by this morning I realized I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and my weight will be whatever it is tomorrow. He’s giving he scale back to me tomorrow morning for the weigh-in, then taking it away again for a week. Although I am a STRONG believer in the scale as a motivator, I also know its unhealthy to let the scale dictate whether I will be having a good day or a bad day. So I’ll only be doing weekly weigh-ins from now on.

Today Mr. Gaunt did my 5k with me. I wont lie, it was a little awkward as I’m trying to run as much as I can, and he doesn’t run at all. I felt bad for ditching him, and found myself slowing down or walking to stay with him. I really want him to workout too, but I might have to be ok with us doing it separately. After the 5k we went to Cornwall Park and played 9 “holes” of frisbee golf, which is super fun.

Oh and I joined Daily Mile which is an online way to keep track of your workouts! I’d love it if my friends who are working out would join too!!! Let me know if you do, or search for me: morganmelim(at)yahoo(dot)com

Alright, back in the morning with weigh in results and June Goals!

One thought on “The Night Before

  1. Aw, do I know where this is at SO much or what? This is why we only allow tape measurers in our house, no scales ever. We agreed I would check my weight on our Wii fit two times a week at the very most, and not at all when I’m PMSing. I have one of those meltdowns about weight and attractiveness about once a month, more if I remember I have a double chin.
    I really like that Dailymile site, I’ve just been keeping track of our mileage hiking and walking on my desktop notepad (after my calorie counting one), this seems easier and more fun! Thanks for sharing it!

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