Back to Work

Three day weekend was nice, although not as nice as when I hated my job, which I guess is pretty damn nice in its self. I did however do a 5 k yesterday, then Mr. Gaunt and I did Mondays Workout when he got home from work last night. Then we got all pumped and decided to have a “Who could do the most crunches without stopping” competition. I won at 60 (on top of the required 40)…GO ME! Hey maybe we wont just be skinny, but dare I say…fit?

I work at 3 today. I’m making Mr. Gaunt get up and go do a 5k with me this morning. I have always worked out alone, so we will see how it is working out together. I usually listen to my music, will I still do that?

The Honeymoon plans MIGHT actually be moving forward…eek! Which means spending a lot of time in a bathing suit….HELLO MORE MOTIVATIONS.  Must get skinny and tan….lol.

Well here’s a link to Tuesdays Workout! Everyone get out there and do a little working out whether they want to or not!

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