And since Fridays workout references Mondays and I forgot to put up mondays, you get two workouts for the price of one!

Wow my laziness really took over last night. Not only did I not walk, I also didn’t do my mini workout out, AND I had a glass of wine and some Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. Gah! In case you were wondering that tacks on .4 pounds this morning…lame.

It’s rather unfortunate that even one bad day can totally kink your week. It doesn’t matter if you were super good all week and ate perfectly and worked out. If you slack off for one day or “cheat” the weeks a bust. Luckily yesterday could have been worse. Today though I’m flushin out all my toxins with lots of water (no coffee) and hopefully a good hour long workout this evening. I’m doing a lame 10-4 shift right now which throws off my working out. Next week I move to 3-9 so I can start doing my workouts in the AM. I’ll have to figure out the dinner/eating situation then too.

Alright, my mom an I are going to hopefully plant a bunch of succulents for the wedding, and maybe start a few other wedding craft projects! I’ve made like a million pom poms, and as soon as I go and measure my venue I can start assembling them!

Oh and this shirt is $400 (no that is not a typo or an exaggeration, although apparently it’s on sale) but it is sooo damn cute I wanna make one!

Happy Friday everyone! Doing anything fun (and healthy) this weekend??

3 thoughts on “FRIDAY

  1. I love reading your blog updates! I totally relate to what you said about one bad day kinking your week, it happened to me earlier this week and I was super super bummed about it. However, got to get back up and keep going 🙂 Keep up the fabulous work and I wish you the best of luck with everything and wedding planning!!!

  2. MORGAN! STOP weighing every day!! I would go crazy if I weighed in every day PLUS it feels better to have a week go by and see a bigger LB loss. You should pick a weigh in day and time of day for the most accurate records.

  3. I am loving the mini workouts 🙂 I’m stealing these from you 🙂 They are perfect for short days to at least get some workout in! Thanks so much for sharing!

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