Worn Out

I’m exhausted.

I babysat Leo (who is 2.5), he wears me out!

Its non-stop sand,playdough,blocks,cars,dirt,sticks,slide,otherslide,dogs,muffins,diapers,water,hose……..

So I’m dirty and tired…lol. He’s fun though.

I only walked a mile and half today.

I went to dinner with Mr. Gaunt at a Hawaiian BBQ place. We split some chicken and vegetable egg rolls. I’m sure it went straight to my ass, but I skipped lunch so who knows.

My evening will be spent making pom poms and watching Greys Anatomy. I’m hoping Mr. Gaunt gets off at 10:30 and we can hit up Honey Moon for a glass of wine. Until then….complete laziness, well I still have to do Thursdays Workout, but THEN Laziness.


Mr. Gaunt just sent me this song….sigh.

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