Raindrops and Sailboats

Its raining. It wasn’t raining all morning, but the second I got off work it started raining, so lame.

I came home, weighed myself and threw on my workout clothes.

3.5 miles in the rain. Go me. Which took EXACTLY 1 hour on the dot to do.

I went down to Zuanich Point aka The Harbor which is so so pretty. I wished so bad Mr. Gaunt had one weekday evening off so we could go to Anthony’s Happy Hour! Oh well, maybe he can work a Tuesday morning or something soon.

4 thoughts on “Raindrops and Sailboats

  1. you know never to weigh yourself when you come home from work. You can guaratee yourself that you will be up at least 2lbs. But good for you for getting out there in the rain.
    P.s I always weigh myself when I get home from work!! It’s kind of addicting!

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