An Evening of Invitaitons

I’m spending my Tuesday evening trying to figure out how to actually put together our wedding invitation. We are done designing it, but is rather large (8.5 x 11) so I’m trying to decide if I want to shrink it so it fits in an envelope, or keep it big and fold it? If I had no budget we would have it printed 11 x 17 and mailed in poster tubes, but that would cost us too much money. However my stupid printers/scanner/faxer is being super lame (like always), so we will se how much gets done.

This week I start on extend hours at work, then next week I move to a slightly later shift, then the week of the 6th I go full time in the evenings. I cant wait to start racking up the overtime. Buh bye Saturdays, I got money to make! I also applied for a promotion, we will see.

I walked 2.6 miles with Manda this evening, despite being tired. I’m also waiting until my dinner settles and then I’m going to give Tuesdays (see previous post) workout a go. Fingers crossed I can lose another pound this week! Doing so good!

I feel like not only is working out and eating less making me feel way better about my body, but I also just feel more productive and healthier. I’m kinda diggin it. I even feel like it’s helping me manage wedding stress, because so far I still just feel really excited and not that freaked out. Sure the money thing can be tight, but everyone is being so nice and helpful it’s really kind of awesome, I feel really lucky.

I feel bad for anyone who has to talk to me for the next few months though, because I pretty much have wedding on the brain all the time. Mr. Gaunt asked me yesterday what I was going to spend my time thinking about once the wedding is over…DUH…BABIES! Seriously though, I apologize now for how one track mind/boring I am.

In other super fun wedding news I have started collecting a bunch of hair styles and am going to go in and have my awesome hairstylist of a sister do some practice runs. We are even going to order some extensions…yay!

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