If You Keep Going…

I walked down to Boulevard Park again today (about 4 miles) but instead of stopping at my mom’s and having her take me home, I just kept walking. By the time I got home two hours and 7.7 miles has passed. At a speed just shy of 4 MPH, I burned about 1,000 Calories! Can you believe that! Crazy! At the end I was pretty tired, and my back was hurting a little. Overall though I feel really good! I’m a little proud of myself, I will have a glass of wine to celebrate me being awesome.

Oh and prior to leaving I put my wedding dress on, you know, to inspire myself. I havent put it on in like 4 months, and I forgot how much I LOVE IT! I’m so excited, I feel really good. Damn those endorphins!

I should finish the bookcase project in the garage this evening, but I might just hang out and watch Grey’s Anatomy and make pom poms. We’ll see.

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