Woe is me.

Some days I wonder what skinny girls spend their time obsessing about.

I use to work in the fitting room at Old Navy and I use to watch all sizes of girls try on clothing. The skinny girls always had the weirdest things to complain about with jeans. “The pockets stick out weird” “I hate the color” “The crotch is too low” “The seem is weird” Seriously?

As someone who has spent many a moments feeling like absolute shit in the dressing room. My biggest concerns were usually “Do they Zip?” “Are they too tight” “Are they comfortable to sit down in?” “Are they stretchy” “Do they look like mom jeans” There was very little opportunity to be picky about things like color and butt-pocket design…puh-lease!

It actually irritates me when someone with a good body dresses poorly. The world is your CLOTHING OYSTER and you chose to dress like that?! I always felt like I could have really amazing style if I was just skinny. Alas, this has never been the case. Even when it came to wedding dresses, besides finances, the wedding dress world was NOT my oyster, and so I settled. It’s fine.

Today I am also very sad as I have recently developed a pretty sever allergic reaction to my engagement ring. After doing a bit of research it sounds like whatever my White Gold ring is mixed with (usually nickel) has now worn down a little bit of the gold and is now making direct contact with my skin. It’s been irritated for the last few weeks, but I thought it was from wearing it when I was working in the yard a month ago. I took it off for 2 weeks until it was almost healed. Within 48 hours of putting it back on my finger has a horrible rash/blister, it looks like a chemical burn, and feels just as bad. Needless to say, the ring wont be going back on.

It makes me very sad. We really did try to get me the best ring we could afford, and I was really happy with it, and now I can’t wear it. My mom said that my Grandma couldn’t wear her wedding ring for the first 40 years of their marriage. For their 40th anniversary they upgraded her ring to Platinum, nad now she can wear it.

From my research, it sounds like Platinum is the absolute best option for people who are metal sensitive. Problem is that its way out of our price range. We got our ring at Jared, and they allow you to trade in your ring for the price you paid towards something else. The cheapest Platinum band (no diamonds, nothing) they sell though is $1000. Yeah, way out of our budget. It makes me want to cry. I don’t know, I just feel like I finally had to be ok with the fact that my ring WASNT the big fancy princess ring I had always wanted, but now I can’t even wear the ring we could afford. So what, on my wedding day Mr. Gaunt will slip a ring on my finger for the ceremony and then I have to immediately take it off? Its bullshit, and it’s not fair!

Whatever. I can’t even think about it without crying.

In happier news my Bamboo Disposable plates arrived and they are amazing! I couldn’t be happier with them.

Gah. I’m in such a funk now, I’ll end this now before I just whine some more.

6 thoughts on “Woe is me.

  1. I had the same reaction too! Think it was from my wedding band. I took both rings off and then returned both rings on my finger a couple of days later – angry red welts came back. Took both rings off until it healed again and then just put my engagement ring on – no welts. Few days later put the wedding ring back on – welts came back. So I just left my wedding ring off for a few weeks and then thought I’d try it again and when I put it on again the welts didn’t come back… so weird! And I had the wedding ring for 2 years by that stage!

  2. We spent a good amount of money on my ring, and it is doing the same thing to my finger. I decided to go with white gold because Platium scratches easier, but I have been having that same problem. Its like a chemical burn, I take it off, it heals. Then I put it back on and within a day its rashey again. Can you maybe go to Boundary bay gold and coin or jmb jewlers and see if they can dip it for you or rotio plate it. JMB, did it for free for me all the time for free. Just tell them someone reccomended them, they should be able to help you out!

  3. My husband has metal allergies too, we got him a tungsten ring and he’s had no issues with it. Maybe see if they make female rings out of it. We bought a really nice band and they are not expensive at all.

  4. In response to Jenn’s comment, MJB’s is awesome! That is where Tyler bought my ring and they are all so sweet there! I have metal allergies too although perhaps because my white gold ring is rhodium plated/dipped it doesn’t irritate me. If nothing else, I have heard of a trick of just coating the inside of a ring with clear nail polish (careful to get a kind that is formaldehyde and bpa free).

  5. Have you considered a palladium? It’s in the same family as platinum, without the price tag. I found it online on an american website (Hello from New Zealand by the way!), moissaniteco.com while looking for engagement ring inspiration to show my partner. They have plain bands which are only $200 depending on which size and thickness you choose. I think it’s darker gray than platinum though?

    I hope you find a ring that you love that doesn’t irritate your skin 🙂

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