Fragrance Lake

Mr. Gaunt and I got up kinda early this morning to hike up to Fragrance Lake. A few people on Facebook acted like it was an easy hike, even the hike reviews acted like it was easy (note: I bet the only people who go on hiking pages and write reviews on hikes are crazy hikers, and to them it probably was easy) Mr. Gaunt and I both found more in the moderately difficult level. Its 1100 feet elevation. 1.8 miles uphill (5 miles round trip), then a short .5 miles around the lake and back down. Its constant switch-backs.

Overall I felt like I did really good. My legs didn’t hurt, breathing was a bit difficult, and I was tired, but I wasnt dying. Mr. Gaunt was more on the dying side, but he stuck it out and we made it. He had socks/water/back issues.

It’s probably the first hike I have ever really done, like an up hill hike. I would do it again.

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