When The Sun Shines

Today I walked 5.4 miles!

I went through downtown into Boulevard park and then back to my mom’s house.

I did soooo good! Like I could really feel my body getting into a good pace, a definite Speed Walk was happening.

Mr. Gaunt also redid my Ipod to add a ton of hip hop/dance music which makes me move that much faster. I felt really proud of myself!

my boob sweat totaly fogged up this picture....gross.

All sweaty and gross. No glamour shot here.

Boulevard park was packed with the sun shinning, that I didn’t stay long. I just took these two pictures and was back to my workout.

My sister and I went to Joann’s and got yarn and a Pom Pom maker, lots of wedding plans are in action!

Food was pretty meager tonight. I probably should have eaten a little more, I actually thought I had only walked 3 miles, so 5 miles probably was a bit much for only 2 meals and a snack. I feel really good though, well tired, but good.

5 thoughts on “When The Sun Shines

  1. HA! When I saw what you had eaten, I thought it wasn’t enough, but if you weren’t feeling like you were starving… Great job on your walk!

    • Yeah, I’m undecided about how much to be eating these days. I’m REALLY trying to just listen to my hunger, not my tastebuds.

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