Flower Power!

Mr. Gaunt bought a Columbine flower about a month ago and planted it in our front bed. The Columbine is the Colorado state flower, and he was so proud of himself for picking it out and planting it. It had been doing so well too!

Today when my mom and I came home she goes “Oh my, what happened to your Columbine?” it was flat as a pancake. Crushed.

I was so sad and immediately thought how devastated Mr. Gaunt will be! I knew the gutter guy had been by that morning to hang the front gutters, his foot prints were all over our front beds. I assumed he was done, and that I wouldn’t see him again. I was pissed.

Not more than 10 minutes later his truck pulled up. He’s mine!

The second he walked up to the house I opened the door…

ME: “umm, did you kill my plant?”

HIM: “What plant?”

ME: “That flat one right there”

HIM: “Oh shit, wow. Well umm is that ok?”

ME: “Yeah, not really”

HIM: “Do you want me to buy a new plant”

ME: “Yes”

HIM: “How much was it?”

ME: “Ten Dollars”

HIM: “Do you have change for a twenty?”

ME: “No”

HIM: “Alright, I’ll go get change”

I’m so glad I stood up for myself! I mean had it just been some random plant that had been growing there, I really wouldn’t have cared, but it was Mr. Gaunt’s Colorado Flower you ASS!

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