I have been reading a few new blogs lately, blogs on weight loss.

I also have 2 friends (well one is my sister) who are also on the major weight loss bandwagon.

It feels good to have some competition/motivation.

Like yesterday Hilary said she walked a 10k on the treadmill! 10k?!!! Yesterday I did my 2nd 5k for the week, and I was exhausted. I can’t imagine 10k! So today I’m hoping to add two more blocks to my walk. motivation I tell yah.

My sister is also doing crazy good. She’s only been at it like 5 weeks and you can REALLY see she’s gotten thinner. Which is crazy, as it usually takes a few months to really see a difference. We have similar goals for weight loss, so its good to watch her do so well.

I feel like my mind-set has changed a bit this time around. I’m really trying to stay focused on FOOD IS FUEL. That I eat, not for entertainment, or boredom, or to be social. I don’t eat because its yummy, or we are celebrating, or I deserve it. I am only eating when I have to eat to keep me fueled up for living life and working out. I’m hoping the longer I can focus on this idea of eating, the better and easier this journey will be.

So here is to another sunny day. A short work day, Babysitting, and pushing myself during my workout. Also maybe getting a little tan from all this outside time would be nice!

Summer...come to me.

2 thoughts on “Competition/Motivation

  1. YES! I will keep being annoying about my gym exploits then! P.S. Today I went to Target and got 2 bags of popchips (one bbq and the other sour cream & onion). The BBQ IS SO FREAKING AMAZING! I am glad I didn’t get the pringles that I wanted, the bbq flavor is so good! P.S. I think you COULD do a 10k if you had the right tv show on right in front of your face 🙂

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