1400 Calories in Fajitas?

Lets do a breakdown of what I ate today:

-3/4 Cup non-fat Greek Yogurt

-2 Strawberries

-1 Teaspoon Honey

-1/4 Cup Low Fat vanilla Granola

-1 Apple

-1 Fig Newton

-1/2 a Plate of Mi Mexico’s Chicken Fajitas…1400 CALORIES! GAH!

Well the whole plate is supposedly 1400 Calories (when I googled Chicken Fajita Calories). I didn’t have any tortillas, Sour Cream, Cheese, and only a little of the rice/beans/Guac. I would still say it was probably around 500 Calories, with the few chips I had.

My friend Hilary says it’s important to surprise your body with a few extra calories every once in a while to help you lose weight. Let hope this works.

I also didn’t do 5k today. I only walked 2 miles, as I ended up walking to Mr. Gaunt’s work after I babysat, and its only 2 miles from our house. Needless to say let hope the scale gods are on my side in the morning.

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