She Needs…

Tonight for the first time in a long time I am having a few “I NEED IT” pangs.

Things I currently am feeling like I MUST HAVE:

1. The ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol with friends on patios.

2. The ability to drop $500 on clothing, shoes, and accessories for summer.

Obviously neither will be happening for me. I have made choices that require sacrifice. Moving here and quitting my job means that I am happier despite the fact that I can’t go buy a new wardrobe. Also the NEED to lose 45 pounds in the next 4.5 months ALSO means no to alcohol (and for that matter no new clothing either)

So that’s that.

I might go buy myself a Starbucks to feed my need to drink and consume all at the same time. I love Starbucks. The End.

One thought on “She Needs…

  1. Morgan- I am SO down to sit on your patio once I’m sure there’s no lead anywhere and drink coffee in the sun. Well, I can sit in the shade so I don’t become a lobster and you can sit in the sun.

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