House Paint Colors

Well, It’s official. We are going to be THAT house on the block.

You know, the “holy shit what were they thinking, that probably looked good on a 2″ square, but on a whole house!”

Yeah, that house.

My landlords are obviously off their rockers. Whatever. I think it will be fine. It could be way worse. It could be orange and brown…wait…it almost is orange and brown. Sigh.

Without Further ado….

The Main house color:

Benjamin Moore - Baked Terra Cotta

And The Trim:

Benjamin Moore- Frappe

To me it looks like Pink on pink. Like a giant pink house…lol!

Downside of all of this is the house is covered in lead paint (on top of asbestos shingles)! AHHHH! This means no going into the backyard for a week, and I probably shouldn’t really hang out here much either….sigh.

Oh and I leave you with a current look of the front house in case your forgot what it looks like…so just imagine it like this but pink.

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