9 pounds of victory

I am down 9 pounds since April 18th.

This makes me super-duper happy. The only sad thing is that I’m still above my lowest weight.


I don’t know if I had ever really mentioned it, but after losing 75 pounds, I put back on about 10 immediately, and held that 10 for about a year. This winter I added another 10 to that, and then in the months of February, March and April I added on another 9.


I could go on and on about why that happened, but the truth is I ate crap for 6 months. Holla. I suck.


Now I’m getting married and I’m on a mutha f*cking mission!


I refuse to be a fat bride. Well, I refuse to be a horribly fat bride. I’d be happy to be a slightly plump bride.

So here is the plan Stan:

-Lose 1 pound by May 18th putting me at a solid 10 pounds lost.

-Lose 5 more pounds by June 1st. This is a bit harder as I will have to lose .3 pounds a day. That means ZERO CHEATING!

-Lose 10 pounds in June making me fit nicely into my “purchased-last-spring-only-fit-for-a-month-shorts” by July 1st.

-Lose 10 pounds in July bringing me 5 pound below my lowest weight and bringing me officially out of the “Obese” category and into the “overweight” category. Sigh…the things we strive for.

-Lose 10 pounds in August. The plan is to have my wedding dress re-fitted at the end of August. (SIDE NOTE: a few people have asked me all concerned if I’m worried that my dress wont fit if I lose weight. All I can say to that is…LETS HOPE!)

-Lose 10 Pounds in September. Well lose as much as I can by September 24th. Even if I lost 10 pounds my wedding dress would STILL fit because its flowy and has straps. This will also put me at a grand total of 100 pounds lost. Dont even get me started on how insane that sounds. Lets just say we might have to a have a party even bigger than my wedding for that day.

So, is it kind of completely insane? Yes and No. The first 50 pounds I lost was in 5 months, so I have done it before. This time I am also including exercise which I did not include last time. And last but not least, this time I have a wedding dress waiting for me at the end….motivation much?

So how I am going to do this you ask?

Well, the calories are staying low and the workouts will be getting longer and harder.

A funny things happened to me last week. My friend Danielle asked me to come over and hang out, and I said…wait for it…

“Yeah sure, I’ll be over at 4:30 after I work out”

That’s right, I actually prioritized working out over something, anything else. This has never happened to me. I have never prioritized working out. Also last night it was pouring pouring rain and I had eaten very few calories, and you know what I did. I flung myself off the couch put my shoes on and went and worked out (outside) just like that. Crazy town. And not to toot my own horn, but tonight my mom and sister invited me to Sushi, and although I originally accepted, I later texted my mom and told her I couldn’t go because I had to lose 45 pounds…lol! Non scale victory!

So you see, I really THINK I CAN, THINK I CAN. And no amount of reality or possibilities are going to waver my believing that I can get there!

Alright I’m done. I’m off to work out and then make Collared Greens and Chicken Sausage for dinner, and feel all skinny doing it.

3 thoughts on “9 pounds of victory

  1. Great attitude! I’m sure you already know this, but be sure to vary your calories each day, even if only by a couple hundred, to keep your body guessing! Every time I come up, I’ll join you in a walk/jog/work out!

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