Our Kitchen

I finally got around to photographing the rest of the house, so I’m going to try to post all the rooms this weekend.

I had previously posted our bedroom, and now its time for the Kitchen!

We actually got really lucky and didn’t have to d a whole lot to the kitchen. The whole kitchen and cabinets are all white, which I may have changed if I had been really motivated, but in the end I’m pleased with how bright and white it is. The floor is the exception though. The white linoleum (that I had previously cleaned) is such a pain in the ass. Anytime anyone walks across it I have to mop. I’m not even lying when I say I probably mop the floor 3-4 times A DAY and it still looks kinda crappy. If we at any point had an extra couple hundred dollars laying around I would put in a darker laminate. Until then, I’ll just mop a lot.

I had also redone the inside of the cabinets and drawers (posted here ) other than that it was just a matter of putting things away and decorating a little. I would say there is a very slight “neon” theme in this room. I have lots of Neon orange, green and yellow scattered around the room. The big bakers rack we actually found on clearance (for $15 regularly $65) at The Home Depot a few months ago, and had never taken out of the box. I had really hoped to have a kitchen or a laundry room that it would fit in, and we did! originally the fridge was suppose to live where the bakers rack is, but it took up way too much room, so it lives around the corner in the mud room.

Other than that we replaced the kitchen faucet, and I bought some new trash cans and recycling bins (from Ikea) and a cute grey rug (also Ikea) and the was that. Its one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Despite the fact that this kitchen might be smaller than our other kitchen, it actually has so much more storage space because the cabinets ar so large, plus little cabinets on top to store small appliances I don’t use very often. I actually have a lot of empty cabinets and 1 empty drawer. Its awesome!

You can get your own glass heart from Gaia Glass. I love the lime green color of this!

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