Weekend With Tank

We babysat my sisters dog Tank this weekend while she was at a Hair Show in Seattle. Tanky is a pretty cool dog, only mildly crazy like most little dogs. We decided the best idea was to wear him out by doing a lot of outdoor stuff. Tank lives in an apartment, so he really loved being outside and running around.

The first place we took him was Larrabee State Park for a little hiking in the woods along the cliff. It was really beautiful even in early spring.  The weather was really nice too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the yard. Tank played with Hula, we weeded the blueberry bed. We got the rest of the patio area dug up and did the first round of leveling. Tank played fetch and got out and barked at EVERYTHING he could. In the evening after grilling up Chicken Sausages and Zucchini, we walked down to Little Squalicum Beach. We let Tank roam around and sniff things while we enjoyed the view and the sunset.

Tank went home this afternoon after we managed to lay the first half of our patio! We really enjoyed him being here.

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