Wedding Ball Rolling

With all the moving and craziness I was feeling a bit like I was getting behind on my wedding planning. I actually thought April 24th was 6 months until our wedding, and then I realized its only FIVE! I lost a whole month in there. I didn’t even get to post the obnoxious “I’ll be Mrs. Gaunt in SIX MONTHS” post on Facebook….sad day.

Today I bought a new notebook/sketchbook to help me be a bit more organized.

I also went through my entire “Wedding Ideas” folder on my desktop and organized it so it’s not 400+ photos overwhelming me. See…

Some may call it crazy, but I like all the visuals reminding me of all the cool stuff I want to do.

I also locked down a photographer. This comes as a surprise as we weren’t going to even really do one, and then the wedding gods all got together and made a little wedding miracle all the way from Texas…I know…whoulda thought?

Thursday we have a meeting with *fingers crossed* hopefully our DJ. We got a great recommendation (THANKS KAYLEAH!) and are hoping to put a deposit down soon.

So things are moving along, but we are in full on planning mode now, no more brainstorming, we are moving forward!

Oh and since this post was super duper boring, here are a few BEAUTIFUL wedding photos for yah…



One thought on “Wedding Ball Rolling

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! I have officially less than a year until mine and am working on preliminary plans (planning to plan). For the next 3 and a half months we’re living abroad, which makes it a bit more difficult. What you said about a photographer is how I felt about flowers (real flowers). Happy planing!!

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