House Tour #2

The house is mostly unpacked and decorated….yay! It looks pretty darn cute if I do say so.

Before I show you some of the decorated rooms, I wanted to show you Video #2 of the house after I painted and did repairs to all the rooms. Again ignore my rambling awkward talking (in fact its best to just turn your sound off): Oh and in case you want to watch VIDEO #1 (pre-repairs and paint) Ill post that one first:

And the LATEST video:

5 thoughts on “House Tour #2

    • Yeah, took about a month to do the whole house…it was nice not having any furniture for that time to work around.

  1. You painted all the wookwork?! I’m so impressed, Morgan, with your talent and industriousness! How absolutely darling. love/ shari

  2. Thanks for sharing the after video. I would never dream of painting a house so I’m really impressed with your skills! It looks great.

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