My Closet and Pants are too Small

First things first, Mr. Gaunt arrived on Tuesday safe and sound. Hence the lack of posts.

We have been working on un-packing the house and finding a home for everything. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

My job will start on April 19th, but hopefully I can find something else to do in the mean time.

Today I worked on putting clothes away. the closet in our bedroom is TINY and only Mr. Gaunt’s clothes will fit, so I have the hallway in the guest room. It’s still tiny and sucks a bunch. One day I will have a good closet.  I had a few boxes of clothing that I hadn’t seen in a couple of months as we had packed a lots of extra clothing away a while before we moved. Some of these included pants that I SWORE to myself would fit by the time I un packed them. I would guess that they fit even LESS than they did before.

I feel horrible about my weight right now. Mr. Gaunt does too. We have both gained more weight than we would have ever liked to. It’s a vicious scary cycle of weight loss and gain. I promised myself I would never gain back the weight I had lost, but I have put some of it back on. It makes me feel absolutely dreadful!

I don’t have any specific plans for how I’m going to fix this problem, but I will. I know what I shouldn’t and shouldn’t do. I have a wedding motivating me too.

There is lots of money, weight, moving, wedding, job stress in my life right now. I’m just trying to chill out and make things better. Sigh.

In brighter news Mr. Gaunt and I too a 4 mile walk this morning, plus we have spent the last two days unloading a truck and unpacking, so the exercise is getting in. Tomorrow morning we will be doing Lake Paddens 2.6 mile walk.

And I promise to share a few more house pictures this week.

Anyone else feeling super down about the winter weight blues? Would love some motivation right about now.

6 thoughts on “My Closet and Pants are too Small

  1. Hey girl! From one stranger to another- I admire you so much! I have been following you for about a year now. It doesn’t matter whether your weight is on the higher side or lower, you are such an inspiration! I totally know what you mean about the winter blues. When it’s not a beautiful sunshiney day, I feel like Eeyore with a little rain cloud over my head just wanting to be sedentary at home. Winter blues big time. Plus you don’t have Mr. Gaunt OR Hula. BUT look at how productive you have been! You started to garden, painted your new home, cleaned the SHIT out of your kitchen, made cute little crafty accents… are making your new house into a home. It’s so fun to watch the things you come up with. Hang in there. The sun will shine soon. You are about to begin a great new chapter of your life. The weight will come off…when you’re ready. You’re preoccupied and busy with other aspects of your life. Totally natural. You’re doing so great, girl!

  2. Someone told me about a month ago, “you cant take your wedding day pictures over.” Since then, I have been so motivated and pretty constant with my workout/eating regimen because of that evil thought! Come work out with me:)

      • BAC, the one off of cornwall. Its a little pricey for a single membership, but if you and your lover wanted to get one together its around $75/month, which isnt that bad. And they have a pool and racquetball courts at the other location! I love it because its just a bunch of old people:)

  3. Wait, WHAA!!?? You are in B-Ham now?! How awesome! i am in Seattle! I fore-see a blogger meet up this summer!! =)

    I too am down on my weight. I am up 10 pounds and to put it bluntly I sucks. The only thing I can say is to just stay positive and take baby steps. That way you wont feel too overwhelmed in obtaining your goals.

    xxoo Tasha

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