A Wedding Is Comming!

Oh yeah…I almost forgot.

What with living in a renovation disaster (the plumber is here now trying to “fix” things) and anticipating the arrival of Mr. Gaunt, I had plum spaced out any wedding planning. According to My Knot To Do List, the following I am BEHIND on:

-Book My DJ: We have a DJ in mind, although a smidge out of budget. Mr. Gaunt wanted to have a face to face with him before we book, so this will happen in the next month.

-Hotel Blocks: I need to call around to some hotels to “block out” some discounted rooms for our out of town guests.

-Bridesmaid Dresses: I’m not too concerned about this because my bridesmaids can wear any grey dress they want, so they don’t have to order anything. But the ladies and I will be planning a trip to Seattle in the next few months to help them hunt for dresses.

-Groomsmen Attire: I told Mr. Gaunt that as soon as he gets out here we need to spend a day hunting around and locking down what his men need to wear. Im still a little up in the air about this one.

-Work on Invitation Wording and Design: Mr. Gaunt and I have already come up with our idea, and he has been working on it all month. I’m sooo excited about it!

-Decide who will marry us: This one is super tricky. We are undecided if we want to have someone we know marry us, or if we should just hire someone. I think its a very important job, so I don’t want to just wing it.

After all that junk, we need to sit down and re-budget. Find out how much we can spend on all the little stuff, and start a wedding notebook to stay a bit more organized. Up until now it’s mostly been brainstorming, but now we need to get a movin’!

And I leave you with a few fun wedding idea photos. Its nice to see fresh ideas!

(click on the photo for source)

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