One of those rare times…

when you find something AMAZING on the internet.

Not that the internet isn’t always pretty damn sweet. But every now and then you come across something that you don’t know how you lived without it. For me this has been Etsy, FoodGawker, Stumbleupon, OnceWed

Please be prepared to waste hours browsing these collections…


From what I can tell its a “place to catalog things you love”


You can browse around on your own, but might I push you towards this guys “collections” (click on each section to see all his “pins”) drooooool!

Now I have to go buy an old dresser, some chalkboard paint, some painters tape, and a helmet to keep my creative mind from exploding. XOXO

Oh and its in Private Beta still, so you can apply to be on the waiting list. I did. I cant wait!


UPDATE: I just realized that my blog has its own list of “pins” other people have “pinned” to my site! So cool! See here.

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