Sunday Rainbows

Being a grown up is the hardest thing…ever.

I have to admit, words can not express how grateful I am that I am navigating “adult-hood” with such a wonderful man.

I am missing my therapist a bit today. I am missing being told that I am doing ok.  That I am right sometimes. That its ok for me to feel this way. That I am strong. That I am brave. That it is normal.

Family is hard.

Self esteem is hard.

Loss is hard.

Change is hard.

Bravery is hard.

Being without Mr. Gaunt is hard.

Sometimes Sundays are the MOST hard, the no fun, the breakdown-cryitout-reflect kinda day.

The sky is blinding in sun, but the rain is pouring. RAINBOW? (runs outside quickly to bring you this):


One thought on “Sunday Rainbows

  1. You are right sometimes. You are doing ok. Everything will be okay. (Try a countdown til he gets there- it makes time pass faster for me when Coral is gone)

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