The Crappiest Task Yet!

Today after I completed a TOP SECRET PROJECT (Ill show you on Sunday) and waiting for two Spray Paint Projects to dry, I completed the CRAPPIEST TASK YET!

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

And that project would be….


I know…your jealous right.

It took me 45 minutes and 3 Magic Erasers. It sucked. Full on Hands and Knees on the floor scrubbing. For the most part it all came clean, besides some gouges and severe stains. I also used a scraper to scrape off old gunk, old paint, and things I dont even want to know about. Gag. My shoulder is going to be sore tomorrow.

Would it be rude to insist people take their shoes off when they go into the kitchen?

I still have the laundry room and bathroom to do, but they will have to wait until I obtain more Magic Erasers, and more energy.

BEFORE: (note: these floors had already been mopped…twice)

and AFTER:

And answers to two questions I’m sure you are all asking:

1. YES you can buy Magic Erasers in BULK!

2. No they are not really MAGIC….but almost!

5 thoughts on “The Crappiest Task Yet!

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