My First Attempt At Gardening

Well, more like weeding.

This sun was out, and told me it would stay that way all day (and it has). So I woke up, crawled out of bed and spent the afternoon weeding my front beds.  It was quite a task, and my thighs are a bit sore from squatting, but I completed it!







There are still some bigger bushes that need to be removed, but I will have to borrow some bigger tools from my dad. Mom and I stopped at Joe’s to visit my brother Forrest and got all excited about what we can plant soon! I’m thinking this weekend I might do my herb gardens in these old wine barrel tops my mom got from her work.


I pulled out two buckets worth of weeds



The crazy treasures I found while weeding!

My afternoon of weeding was spent listening to Cee Lo Pandora…amazing.

The evening is winding down to Mazzy Star Pandora…splendid.




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