Spring is Here!

I won this yesterday at a baby shower. Pot from Ikea

It’s the first day of SPRING! And the morning is just sunny enough to capture some dewey photos of the yard. The yard was the BIG seller on this house, Mr. Gaunt and I have never had a yard. In our last house we didn’t even have a porch or patio, which meant that brand new BBQ we bought 3 years ago has never come out of the box.

So when the option came up, we were ok taking a smaller more run-down house in order to get a yard (and neighborhood for that matter). I am no magician with plants, despite the fact that my mom and grandma are amazing gardens. My brother is a PROFESSIONAL Farmer (at Joe’s Garden, go there!) and my dad has done everything from landscaping, to serious composting, and all that’s in-between. Me, I’ve killed probably 4 house plants, and 5 Basil Plants.

So I’ve been reading up about Urban Farming, and gardening, and I’m excited to start planting! I’m kind of waiting for Mr. Gaunt to get here though, because he knows a bit more about this stuff than I do. So in the mean time the yard will sit un kept, with big future plans!


Coming out the back door

I was told these were raspberries, but I dont think they are. Anyone know what they might be?

Note: the entire house and garage are supose to be painted as soon as the weather gets nice.

The Front Yard

Again, new roof, and the outside will be painted when the weather gets nicer.

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