How to Update old Wall Sconses


This is just a little tutorial on how to turn an ugly grandma wall sconses into something kind cute. Originally I had planned on replacing the super grandma shades that were on the two wall sconses on each side of our medicine cabinet. When I went to the hardware store I couldn’t find any replacement globes that fit my fixtures. We even hit up the RE-Store to see if we could find some better looking older ones…no luck.

I searched around on the internet to see if I could find some way of revamping these ones. I was surprised to not really find anything, so I turned to a trusty old friend…Mod Podge.  Back in the day we were all big fans of Decoupaging (see a video tutorial here) and although I think its time has passed a little, I decided it was a last resort.

I hit up The Paper Zone to find some tissue paper and ended up getting a sheet of the hand-made rice paper stuff, with the pulp veins in it. I wanted purple, but didn’t want to be too girly, so I went with a very light mint tea green.

I shredded the paper into 1-2″ chunks.

I decoupaged the entire outside, with a 1/2″ overlap along the inside top rim.

I chatted with Mr. Gaunt and Hula as I crafted

Let dry

Ta Da! I still need to use some adhesive remover to get off whatever tape was wrapped around the base

And they glow so pretty! I love it! As soon as the bathroom is fully painted I’ll show off the rest of the room. This was such an easy project, and it may not be perfect, but its sooo much better.

In whole the project only cost me $3.50, for the paper and the paint brush. I borrowed the Mod Podge from my mom, and I obviously already had the ugly sconses. Pretty sweet!

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