Lobor of Loathe (and contact paper!)

I wrote half of a total meltdown post, then deleted it. The house has turned to a much more expensive and labor intensive project than I had hoped for. I know I have plenty of time to do things, but I don’t own this house, so putting hundreds of dollars and hours into a house I’m just renting is hard. But after Mr. Gaunt saw my slightly panicked Facebook post, he called me and let me cry it out. I’m still feeling very overwhelmed, but I’m going to call my landlords and my dad and see if I can some help on this this week.

And instead of a giant list of all the things that are stressing me out, I instead am going to show you some things I have been working on.

TODAYS FUN PROJECT: Kitchen Cabinets…the insides!

Unfortunately I didn’t take great “before” pics of the whole set of cabinets, but I did get some pretty good interior shots. You can also watch this video to see more of the before:

I hadn’t originally planned to paint the insides of the cabinets. However when I went to get contact paper, I ended up getting this faux snake skin black. You can hardly tell its snake-skin, but it is a bit thicker and softer than your traditional contact paper. Also I am morally opposed to any contact paper that isn’t adhesive….it ALWAYS comes up…yuck. So when I got home with my new black contact paper I opened the cabinets and realized the insides were already PAINTED black. So I decided that I needed to paint them so as to not create black-hole cabinets. The blue was actually in the garage already so I used it, its bright and fun.

Since I have a lot of time to complete all of these projects, I have really tried to take my time and do them correctly. I have visions in my head of some pretty “wing-it” contact paper applying of my childhood.  So this time around I measured the inside length (+2″ ) and depth with a tape measure, and then laid my contact paper upside down on a scrap piece of carpet. Thank the lord whomever made those grid marks on the back of the contact paper…genius…pure genius. So I cut it with my Exacto knife and laid on my clean and freshly painted cabinet. I applied about 6 inches at a time pulling the paper side out from underneath it. I went all the way back into the “blind corner” to get full coverage. In the end the only slight error was that the depth of my cabinet varied slightly from one end to the other. I ended up pulling the paper to the front edge so any variance wasnt really visible. Other than that I was pleased with how easily the paper came back up when I laid it wrong. I assume this is because it’s a nicer style as opposed to that cheap plastic (but very sticky) paper.

And so the after!

I suppose you may be wondering about the top shelf still being black. Well that was left for a few reasons. (1) Its WAY up there (2) It actually had nicer floral contact paper (3) After I had left it I thought it looked kinda cool. So it stays!

I still have a bit more work to do. There are a number of drawers that at least need a bottom liner, and the lower cabinets. However I ran out of contact paper and when I went back to get more they were out. So I’ll have to wait a while.

I’m pretty pleased with this little project! In total it cost me less than $15 and took me probably 8 hours (all that scraping). Next up the Living Room!

5 thoughts on “Lobor of Loathe (and contact paper!)

  1. I put hella contact paper all up in this old house! Though I didn’t thing to take the old stuff out, I think there was just one layer there from before. Good workin, lady!!

  2. It all looks so good honey. I know after all the hard work you will love this house! And, kind of creepy that comcast is replying to your posts. Wow!

  3. i have totally seen that rainbow striped contact paper sometime in my childhood! i wish i could remember where. what a weird memory… just thought i’d share 🙂

  4. Awesome job Morgan!! It looks great! I wish we could have painted in our old house, it would have made it feel a lot more like a home. Don’t be afraid to call or text me if u need any help, I’m down to do some manual labor. I could help scrape contact paper while you do the painting. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

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