A Blustery Day

It is a crazy Blustery Day. I took Tank to get his nails clipped. We got all rained on.

Today my stomach feels bloated and gross.

I started SparkPeople again. I feel like I have gained 500 pounds in the last few weeks. I know it’s just eating out (even if its healthy) and being out of my routine. I want to get a gym membership, but with no car its kind of hard to get to the gym (it’s not within walking distance) so yah know, figured Id just eat less. I feel so much better when I’m down a few pounds and everything isn’t tight. I also want to get back into cooking, as it’s obviously healthier. Tonight is going to be my first night in my new house. Theres really no furniture except a mattress, I’ll probably borrow a few dishes from my mom so I can cook and function.

In the mean time I’m gonna try to be healthy, Be happy, and not miss these guys too much…

And although I’m not Catholic, I will be giving up “BAD FEELING” for Lent. Yay…being happy!

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