My Makeup Routine (and review)

I grew up with a mom who didn’t wear makeup (although she does now) so makeup was SUPER fun when I was little.  My aunt Kim who is a Professional Dancer use to let me use her makeup when I was young, which pretty much made her the favorite Aunt.

When I was in middle school most of my friends were beginning to experiment with makeup. God i wish I had a montage of my friends middle school makeup. Can we say WHITE EYELINER and BROWN LIPSTICK. Sexy! However I was always a late bloomer when it came to things lite shaving my legs and learning about tampons. My Best friend Mallory (who I’m sure was more embarrassed than anything) always forced me to step out of my shell and “grow up” a  little. She taught me how to shave my legs and how to say words like fuck….lol….this is why she is my made of honor. Without her I would be a hairy legged bride.

My mom allowed a little foundation and lip gloss in middle school, although there were some bad “frosted” eyeshadow in there too. By high school we were all caking it on like it was our jobs! Now at age 25 I finally feel like I have a good routine. I have 3 stages of makeup.

1. Work Makeup: Foundation, Powder, Mascara

2. Weekend Makeup: Foundation, Powder, Eyeliner, 1 Shadow, Mascara

3. Going Out Makeup: Foundation, Powder, Eyeliner, 3 Shadows, Blush, Mascara

I have also sloooowly upgraded my makeup quality. Here are my top Favorite Product:

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Benefit's BeneTint - Lip and Cheek Stain

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Vintage Gold

Cover Girl - Silver iris

Cover Girl Perfect Plus Point Eyeliner in Onyx

Mary kay Mineral Powder in Ivory

And last is a new product I’m trying out. I’ve always used the cheap $5 Cover Girl foundation. I’m lucky to have good skin that isn’t makeup sensitive (eek…I dont even wash my face before bed). However Taylor Swift convinced me to purchase Cover Girl’s new NatureLuxe Silk Foundation…$14….cough….and I LOVE IT! Oh the color is sooo much nicer, being pale it’s really hard to find a good color. Usually IVORY (the lightest) is still a smidge orange for me. This one comes in Alabaster which is perfect. It’s also not greasy at all, and it’s really smooth. I wont go back to cheap crap, sorry face for mistreating you for so long.

And now I’m going to give you a quick step by step of how I do my makeup.

Add Clear Gloss and Done!

I am by no means a makeup expert…ha! I’m a makeup minimalist. I much prefer the way I look with a little makeup on, but I am not willing to spend more than about 5 minutes doing it. I have lots of friends who are really into Mac and other such fine makeup supplies. They LOVE putting on makeup. For me it’s just about looking and feeling good. So that’s that. Hope you enjoyed!

PS: I’m planing on having a pro do my wedding makeup. Any tips?

18 thoughts on “My Makeup Routine (and review)

  1. Morgan- do you have ANY idea how gorgeous your skin is?!! I would kill for that skin. And thanks for posting about the CG foundation… that Taylor Swift is so darn cute, I was curious if I wanted to be her or try the makeup. And now that I’ve seen it on an unairbrushed face, I might have to give it a try.

  2. LOL 800 coats of mascara that’s awesome. You are very fortunate to have beautiful lashes that just wearing mascara and a little liner really makes a difference (I envy you)! I think a light touch of pink blush will do beautifully and make you have a natural glow. 🙂
    ❤ Tinna

  3. Holy moly girl. You have perfectly clear skin. I am so jealous. I have always struggled with acne. Until I got hooked on mary kay. I use their timewise cleanser and moisturizer. and I use their mineral powder foundation and mineral shadows as well. But i think I am going to go try Nature Lux…. we’ll see. You are gorgeous!

      • I have a friend that sells Mary Kay and I love it too!! She is not crazy pushy in anyway, I just go online and order from her and she delivers it all to me at work when it comes in!! So much easier than going and spending forever at Rite-Aid or Target trying to find the right product!

  4. I’m with the other commenters–jealous of your skin! I’ve battled acne for almost half my life. If I dont’ wash my face and apply acne medication twice a day, I break out. I use the same eyeliner as you–love it! I’ve never heard of lining the inside of your upper and lower lids and it freaks me out! How do you get it off? I just put a thick line over my upper lids b/c when I do my lower lids it looks weird. Yours looks good the way you do it.

    • Well, Im so good at removing my makeup before bed, but I wash my face in the shower with a face wash and jsut scrub the eye area pretty good. Otherwise a cottonball on a slightly open eye with makeup remover works well too. You kind of have to not have weird eye touching issues to do it this way.

  5. I love how your makeup looks! As for the big day… I definately recommend a trial run. I ended up re-doing my makeup in the car on the way to the church!

  6. I had Tart Beauty do my make-up and hair as well and they were amazing!! I suck at doing my make-up and I am so glad I had them there to help!

  7. wahahah I had to make you shave your legs you were a beast!! now that I think about it, you always did have perfect skin, and tay and forrest never really had acne either. I have decent skin but I have to wash, treat and mosturize meticulously and I would saw my limbs off before posting a makeup-free picture online. I won’t leave the house without concealer and foundation at minumum. I also now fill in my eyebrows and once you get used to it you think you look weird without it. I’m a slave to the beauty industry!!

    • I have known people who fill in their brows, but I have never been able to find a match that didnt look weird. Maybe you will have to show me how to do this.

  8. I absolutely LOVE your eyeliner! I always put it on only my top lid above my eye lashes, but now that I have seen how you do yours, I’m DEFINATELY switching!!! Thank you for all the help!!!! 🙂

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