Buh Bye Blue

Our landlord is a total Jekyll and Hyde. Whenever Mr. Gaunt talks to him on the phone he is crazy and evil and “INSISTS HE COME OVER DESPITE ME HAVING THE FLU IN BED!” and then he comes over and he is super sweet and apologetic. Its bazaar.

So two weeks ago we called him and told him we were leaving a month early. This is only ok in our books because we never actually signed another lease. We have been here 2.5 years, and had a lease only for the first year, so whats he gonna do? However Mr. Gaunt is a lot more paranoid nicer than me and agreed to doing a very short notice walk through with him and his wife (who lives in California and we have never met). So we scoured the house and lit yummy candles and they came over.  We managed to hide the flaws (broken towel rod and screwed up bathroom sink) and accentuated the positives (made bed, clean stove) and overall they seemed pleased with how the place looked. BUT Homegirl decides that she isn’t cool with the paint color. She didn’t directly say she  didn’t like it, more that she was concerned that it wouldnt match new tenants taste. Yeah your boring white didn’t match MY taste so I painted it, that’s what you do! He actually really liked it, so we all compromised and agreed that the bedroom could stay and that we would just need to paint the livingroom to match that olive/tan color of the entry way. Fine.

So today we cleaned and packed and moved furniture. Mr. Gaunt taped off and I painted over my LOVELY Perwkinle grey….sad day. The color really looked so nice against the dark cherry cabinets and the (in my opinion slightly too orange) wood floors. And especially looked stellar against our perfect Greige couch. However they want boring, so now there is a very drab olive/tan where my beautiful blue once was.

The day wasnt a total bust though. Mr. Gaunt was especially willing to run errands, which meant Starbucks, Chipotle, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cupcakes…swoon. And it was super sunny and Hula looked especially adorable sun bathing.

House = Complete disaster

Goodbye Blue

Taping off

20 minutes Later

Thin Mint Cupcake Via GiGi's in Littleton.


Check out that ear hair...GORGEOUS!

Evening naps

All done, tv back up for the week

why its important to make sure your furniture wont clash with your paint...eww

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