Blew My mind

Today I happened upon a photo of myself on Facebook that I had (obviously) untagged myself in. The picture literally blew my mind. I KNEW it was me, but the longer I stared at the more I couldn’t even recognize myself.  Who the hell is that girl?

Most days it is hard to look at the work I have done and appreciate it. This photo makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

Me and Manda August 2008

Me and Manda July 2010

3 thoughts on “Blew My mind

  1. I found that pic about a month ago too… I was almost gonna send it to you because I didn’t recognize you either. It’s is crazy how much are lives have changed in the last 2 years! I wish I still looked like the pic from 2008 not 2010 but I’m slowly getting back to that point. I can’t wait for you to be back in the Ham so you can help me with healthy choices and we can cook together too!! 🙂 Miss & love you Morgan!! You are absolutely gorgeous and your hard work shows that!!

  2. I was looking through pictures of my baby shower with Liam not long ago. When I came to your picture I asked him who you were and he didn’t know. I am so proud of you for making so many healthy changes in your life (and JJ’s too) and sticking with it for so long! You’re an inspiration to us all and you’re gonna look so damn sexy on your wedding day that JJ won’t know what hit him!

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