Fat Pants

I have made the decision that when I get paid next friday I am going to buy some fat pants.

Not really FAT pants, more like FIT pants, I’m thinking a denim with a little stretch. Right now I have too many “goal” pants and not any “now” pants. This makes things like…oh say…getting dressed very difficult. I did it to myself, I got all cocky and threw away all my pants that were a little big thinking I would be a down a size by now…lol! Nope, not down, and now no pants that fit.

I have put on a good 5 pounds in the last month…ha…go me! It’s what I do, gain 10 lose 10. But right now I have a plate piled to the ceiling with shit I have to worry about, that stepping on the scale is NOT one of them. I have all kinds of lofty goals to get in a little better shape this summer, but right now I need to focus on surviving the next 3 weeks.

So wish me luck on my hunt for new pants! And my move, and job hunting, and not killing my fiance….cheers!

3 thoughts on “Fat Pants

  1. I bought some dark wash, levi, bootcut with plenty of stretch ( but don’t look like it) at fred meyer about 4 months ago and I get compliments all the time. They’re also really comfortable. I think they were $30. They fit good, and don’t stretch out weird. I’ll definately get more.

  2. Sometimes maintenance is all we can do when life throws curve balls at us. Don’t worry too much about it– stressing about something you can’t change right away won’t do any good. For our “in-between” jeans, a friend and I went down to Old Navy. She got some Flirt skinny jeans (her body type is such that even though she’s a tiny bit overweight she still looks great in trendy skinnies) and I got the bootcut Dreamer (which are high-waisted enough to kill muffin top but not so high-waisted as to be grandma pants). Her’s were $30-ish and mine were $35.

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