My Love Affair with Denny’s

For those who don’t know me very well, I have a bit of an obsession with Denny’s. Yes the restaurant. Me and Denny’s go waaaaaaaay back, for real, I was practically born in a Denny’s, actually if I’m not mistaken my mom’s water may have broken with my brother at a Denny’s. My parents even met at a Denny’s. For all I know I could have been conceived in a car parked outside a Denny’s….ha…sorry mom.

Anyways like I said, me and Denny’s go way back. Both my parents worked at Denny’s for a LONG time when they were young and first married. My mom stopped working there in like…hmmm…89 I think, but we still often frequented the restaurant. When we were little we would have those little cardboard boxes of cereal at the counter for breakfast. My brother collected those “Grand Slam holographic Baseball Cards” that Denny’s gave out. My dad even smuggled him the collector binders…lol…I wonder if he still has them?

My dad himself is a professional Coffee Camper, and has gone back and forth for many years frequenting the coffee counter or bar at a Denny’s.  As teenagers we loved to spend late nights drinking coffee and eating greasy fried food at Denny’s. We even went to Denny’s before my first Homecoming Dance, and on Halloween when Kelli barfed in the bushes. We use to be awful tippers and leave sticks of gum and change in the shape of a heart for our waiters…sigh…memories.

We have spent numerous Christmas mornings having breakfast at Denny’s, and I every time I go home I have coffee with my dad at Denny’s.

The morning I left Washington to move to Colorado my mom and sister and I all had breakfast at Denny’s. When I arrived in Boise Idaho, I stopped and had dinner at Denny’s, and when I stopped in Utah, I ate a Denny’s too. When I first moved to Boulder and had nothing to do, I would sit for hours by myself at Denny’s and call my friends and family back home. Denny’s were like a little piece of home when I was so far away. I love it.

So you can see, me and Denny’s have kind of a thing. We are like family, which is why TODAY when I went to a Denny’s for pancakes (that I was craving) I was practically brought to tears by what I saw…

Whats that you say Denny’s? You now offer me:






substitutions at NO EXTRA COST!

Holy grail! It makes me beam with joy! Today I had 2 Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with Turkey Bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, and a side of fruit. It was AMAZING! And how stinking cool that they not only offering these items, but they are promoting them on their table place mat! I just think if all restaurants would follow in Denny’s footsteps, people would find it way easier to eat out healthier.

BRAVO DENNYS! You have kept me as a customer (not that I had any plans on leaving you)!

7 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Denny’s

  1. MMMMM, that makes me so hungry for Dennys! And super excited for the next time we go there, I hope the Dennys here in the ham has started offering healthier options. When we have some extra money I’ll have to go check it out.

  2. Hi Morgan,

    We are writing from Denny’s corporate and wanted to thank you so much for this story! We are trying our best to provide healthy options for a variety of tastes and lifestyles and we’re so glad you’ve noticed. We’ll be posting this on our Facebook ( Twitter ( today!

    See you soon!

  3. had to smile at ur story of dennys ,i myself worked in a dennys in cape coral florida for sevral yrs and they where the best times of my working life there so much fun i am now living in the uk and would give my soul for a dennys slam ,but unfortunatly there are no dennys in the uk i do miss the food and my fellow work mates there !

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