Foods That are Currently Making me Happy!

1. Land O Lakes Individual Hot Chocolate Packets. (mint, chocolate, and Vanilla) the perfect dessert, only 140 Calories. We get em at Target for 40 cents a pouch. I love that we can get lots of flavors, and that they are the perfect amount for one cup of cocoa.

2. Power Bar Smoothie Energy Bars. I have tried my fair share of energy bars and meal bars. I like some, hate others. And unfortunately there is a very wide range of nutritional values. These bars are really yummy…in my opinion. They are tangy and have different chunks of fruit in them. They have 220 Calories in them, which isnt too bad for a mid day snack I usually split it up at 8am and 12:30pm. Bad news is that are by no means “clean” they are loaded with artificial ingredients…meh.

3. Dried Dates. These are natures CANDY! Yum! A coworker brought a bag of them a few months ago, and I love them. They have sort of a crunchy chewy texture, and at 25 calories per date they are like a super healthy candy.

4. Hint Water. I first had this a Starbucks, and it is the water of my dreams! It’s not sweet at all, it’s literally fruit that has soaked in water for a little bit. So fresh and light! And ZERO calories…its worth trying.


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