A Weekend. A List.

We are having a snow day today! Mr. Gaunt and I ran a few errands (obviously it’s not that bad) and we finished 2 paintings, as well as bought 2 more canvas’ for paintings this week.  Business is going along nicely.

Other fun things:

-Later this week we are having the ARC come pick up a TON of stuff. It’s so nice not to have to bring it somewhere, you just call them and schedule a time for pick up…pleasing.

-Im also making a large delivery of art/sewing supplies to the Ronald McDonald house of Aurora. Very excited about this!

-Im on the hunt for Canisters. All of my baking stuff (flour, sugar, etc) is in Ziplock Bags. Not very safe or functioning. I wish I could find some used or something.

-We got rid of FIVE large trash bags of clothing!

-I cleaned out all my food cabinets and tossed all the weird stuff. Now we are on a mission to eat everything before we move.

-Today we cleaned and listed a ton of furniture on Craigslist. The rule is, the price drops until it sells. Nothing comes with.

-We are going to go next week and have the trailer hitch installed on my car at Uhaul.

-The both of us have cooked for the last 4 nights. I even have some recipes to show you very soon.

Alright, nothing too exciting. I leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Friday night my friend Dominique and I had Sushi and Cocktails at John Holly's

Saturday we went through most of the Kitchen and Spare Room, resulting in 7 large donation boxes.

The Kitchen counter turned into a sorting area. KEEP TOSS DONATE

Sunday we went through all our clothing and extra linens. 5 Donation bags.

Sunday night it snowed resulting in a SNOW DAY!

4 thoughts on “A Weekend. A List.

  1. It must be nice to get rid of Clothes that are too big, right?!?
    Suggestion: do you have a buffalo exchange there? You could get credit with them to use in bham and Seattle…..

  2. have you ever seen that show on TLC? i can’t think of the name of it… but you totally remind me of that.

    anyway, amazing! i wish i had the initiative and energy to go through all of our stuff and get rid of things. go you!

  3. You’re not getting rid of Hulu right? Because her ear hair= priceless! Just one side note though on all this, and I already apologize to critique, is that neither one of you are old yet in fact you are both rather young..and the one thing that Dane and I cherish at this moment in life (while he’s in grad school and I’m working a shitty job) is having a nice home. So my only word of advice is don’t sacrifice too much on where you live or what is in it that provides comfort because it is literally where you live and where you spend the majority of your time. Dane and I spend way over the “recommended rent” for our place but I love it and it is worth the sacrifice because it is home and within it Dane and I are home. And don’t get rid of all your art supplies that = happiness. Take care, we’re very excited for your wedding!

  4. When my daughter left home she complained about having no canisters for her pantry items. Every second hand store and charity shop I see I pop in and look. I’ve found excellent canisters including tuppaware for a few dollars each

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