The Designer

I am not a designer snob. You will NEVER find me in some tacky label coated purse, or $200 jeans, or anything extravagant. Sure I hear that the nicer designer items often fit better and last longer, but I just could never bring myself to prioritize that.

Today however I have fallen IN LOVE with a designer…my first designer crush. And its…bridal…sigh. Which means it’s never gonna happen. The good thing though is that at least I have now SEEN the style in real life that I have had in my head for the last few months. I’m going to drag Mr. Gaunt around the “nice” mall to see if we can find something similar in a nice department store.

So without Further ado….Temperly london:

4 thoughts on “The Designer

  1. Wow! I hate looking online for wedding dress ideas! All I ever find is strapless boring princess dresses. You totally found a winner here with this Designer! I love how it all flows…

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