2010 in REVIEW

TOP 12 things that happened to me in 2010!

1. I hit my 75 pound lost mark! (FEBRUARY 21st)

2. Mr. Gaunt and I started Couples Counseling (February 5th)

3. I Quit Weight Watchers (March 18th)

4. I Went Golfing for the first time (April 20th)

5. I Got my man on the healthy bandwagon (April 3rd)

6. I got to celebrate another Momma Birthday with her in Washington (March 26th)

7. We made the decision to move to Washington (June 20th)

8. I bought a wore proudly a skirted Swimsuit (June 18th)

9. We started our painting business (July 15th)

10. We Got Engaged! (July 10th)

11. I turned 25 (September 12th)

12. I tried on a wedding Dress (January 30th)

So its been a really great year. I also want to note how proud of myself that give or take a few pounds I have maintained my weight loss, and am on track to losing more weight. Also scrolling through the last year of this blog I am so pleased with how many yummy dishes I made and how my photography is even getting better.  I have big plans for this coming year that I will post tomorrow in my RESOLUTIONS & GOALS post.




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